The life our children have thanks to your donations

The Current Situation

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COVID-19 Appeal

Since the pandemic has started, our school went through one closure and budget restrictions for hygiene goods. Because rural Arusha cannot provide some of the basic health conditions, it is feared that the lack of testing and potential lack of vaccinations will hinder the progress we made so far.

Our Games And Traditions

Accomplishment is encouraged and rewarded

When our kids do well in a certain exercise, they stand up and dance whilst the others cheer for them! In this video, Margharet scored a 8/10 in dictation and was very proud!

Education Of Choice

Every Friday afternoon, the older kids get to play and learn however they want to. It's a pleasure to volunteer at Hill Crest because the teachers and children are generous with their thoughts and their time. For Tiphaine's last day in the school, they wanted to cheer her up with kind words!

Learning The Fun Way

Every morning, after their classes and a bit of playing, our children get to watch some informative cartoon (teaching maths) and sing songs. In this video, they're being taught basix hygiene, singing about how to correctly brush their teeth

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