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We wish Elmira a happy birthday!

Elizabeth L. Sakei, Hill Crest School Founder and Director

“I(…) Before Tiphaine (Tanzania School Trust) came to our rescue, everything was coming to a stop. Hill Crest School had no money to continue offering free services like free teaching and food to our poor children. To say the truth, without your support, these poor children could be and will be hit hard, they could had nothing to smile. The kids and I pray to God to continue your efforts and generosity.”

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Ernesta is 5 years old and comes from a house not far from Hill Crest, where most of his neighbors and friends are working everyday to bring food on the table.

When you sponsor a child you’ll help make sure they get 2 nutritious meals per day (weekdays and weekends), clean water and an education. You’ll be their only sponsor and you’ll receive at least 2 video updates per year!

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