Happy holidays Psyma, we love you!

As the end of 2021 approaches, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have supported us and helped us shape a sustainable future. In this post we want to thank the market research company Psyma.

Psyma has been present for a long time! In August 2020, our charity was not going to survive due to limited fundraising possibilities compliant with COVID-19 rules. This is when Bernd Wachter, CEO of Psyma, contributed to 2,5 months of school, helping us get on our feet!

However we had other challenges coming our way: we were renting our school, located in the back garden of a private who’s been more and more keen to have his privacy back, increasing the rent drastically! The property doesn’t have a garden but gravels, which is not just inconvenient for the kids to play but also prevents the school from growing their own corn, beans and other ingredients the school uses on a daily basis to feed the kids. For a small and young charity like Tanzania School Trust, building a school is a danger: it can take too much money that would be otherwise spent on the salaries or food. However, after the rent increased and became almost impossible for the charity to pay, we felt like the right decision to invest into the construction! 

Whilst donating again for our school construction in March 2021, Bernd introduced us to the Rotary Nuermberger Land, who then contributed greatly to towards the construction. Psyma understood this continuous need for support, and therefore donated again for Christmas 2021!

So we have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to Psyma and Bernd Wachter! Not only do we owe them our survival in summer 2020, we are also grateful that Bernd took us under his wing and continued donating for our school construction and introduced us to his friends who also contributed to our school construction! And now Psyma is giving us a very welcome Christmas gift in the form of a donation that will support us for another 2,5 months of school!

Charities like us 100% depend on donations, and corporate donations like the ones Psyma did can make such a difference! Who knew that back in Summer 2020, we’d have the luxury of owning our school and in a situation where the next months are safe.

Asante Sana Psyma

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