We’re going back to Tanzania to witness all of the amazing progress your donations have made possible!

Did you know that Tanzania School Trust was founded in 2020 but we’ve never been able to visit since?

With the outbreak of COVID and all of the lockdowns that followed, the charity based in London couldn’t get back out to Arusha to see its newly built school or visit all of the new children we have enrolled thanks to your support.

For the first time since November 2019, the charity founder, Tiphaine Nilias, will fly to Tanzania and see first-hand how the TST has supported Hill Crest, its pupils and their families.

The objectives of this one-week trip:

  • Meet the new children!
  • Take LOADS of pictures and videos to share with all the charity’s supporters
  • Meet with the families the charity helps
  • See where all of the generous donations have been invested

One last (but not least) objective: to paint the school! As the construction of the school was progressing, the funds were prioritised towards more important parts of the school… so the walls are still bare concrete and in need of a splash of colour!

Our newly school in Tanzania

Whilst balancing her normal work with the school needs, Tiphaine will aim to paint the whole building! That way, the charity is avoiding the labour costs. However, the paint itself is expensive so any help to purchase this is welcome!

There is also a lot to be given to the families we help. Even if the charity is providing the children with meals and education, we also want to help the parents too. Most of the families are single mums, who work tirelessly to put dinner on the table. These families tend to lack the basic supplies like face masks, soap, oil and firewood for cooking and heating.

Tanzania School Trust doesn’t only want to make the families’ lives “bearable”, we also want to provide a bit of joy too. For this reason, Tiphaine will also do her utmost to bring as many books, toys and general supplies as possible.

So all the more reason to help Tanzania School Trust make these people’s lives more a little better! We know there are tonnes of good causes out there, but a little money here can make A LOT of difference over there!

Also, if you make a generous donation, you will receive a nice video! Stay tuned!

Want to donate now? click here!

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